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Plago Toothbrush

Plago Toothbrush


Plago Toothbrush (Canine, Basic)

Designed to fit the oral structure of a pet, it is easy to put inside the mouth. 
A low-stimulation, high-cleaning toothbrush that thoroughly removes tartar with a delicate design.



  • 'Plago' is a healthy and convenient way to manage oral cavities.
    FitPet introduces a way for caretakers to manage their companion animals; from those that merely detest teeth brushing to those that have oral diagnosis. 
  • Option
    Plago toothbrush for canine is recommended for intensive care between narrow gaps.
    - Size suitable for brushing small dogs or cats
    - Angle designed to facilitate entry into gaps
    - A small round toothbrush cap

    Plago toothbrush basic is recommended for an easy-to-use and soft toothbrush
    - Small narrow heads designed to fit the mouths of pets
    - Sleek shapes make it easy to use between lips
    - Diagonal cut toothbrush cap
  • Prevention
    Pets with weak gums, mouth problems, or blood need a toothbrush that is less irritating and cleansed. 
    Wipe thoroughly to the inside of the molar with a Plago toothbrush.
  • Design
    After a long period of research, including the length and weight of the toothbrush, the position and grip of the fingers, and the material and angle of the toothbrush cap, we have produced a perfect form of toothbrush.
  • Characteristics
    Can choose between two types depending on the characteristics of your pet or the intended use.
    Don't need to open pet's mouth too much, it goes right through the pet's lips and reaches the narrow gap inside the molar.
    Use the thinnest and softest DUPONT nylon toothbrush cap of 0.1mm
    The angle for optimum grip and the anti-slip stopper are reflected.
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